The big 2022 Wunderlich advent calendar
24 doors, behind which there are surprises worth over € 20,000!

Extraordinary. Tempting! Practical or useful. Some unique, some exciting. But they all have to do with motorbikes and riding. These are the surprises, promotions and prizes that you can expect behind our 24 doors again this year. They may be attractive product special offers, prize draws, raffles of unique experiences, driving training or practical, useful and beautiful things.

We would like to thank the following partners for their support of the 2022 advent calendar:

  • Continental
  • RIDE - The motorcycle travel magazine from Motor Presse Stuttgart
  • Frank Palmen, Instructor
  • Stadler
  • Enduro Action Team, Lossautal
  • Motorrad ACTION TEAM
  • X-Lite
  • Segura
  • Santos Grill Shops
  • Sena

Be curious, because it is definitely worth looking behind every single door. We promise! We have hidden prizes worth € 20,000 in our Wunderlich advent calendar! And that doesn't even include the product special offers!

For some doors, it pays to be quick. So make sure you take part from 1 to 24 December 2022!

The entire #TeamWunderlich wishes you a wonderful Advent!


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