Hot off the press or online?

Dear readers,

A year has passed since the publication of our first INSIDE Wunderlich magazine. Our first cover featured a BMW R 1250 GS, the second also a BMW R 1250 GS Adventure, flanked by the Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 Special.

Now you will find a Ducati DesertX on the cover of our third magazine. The three covers thus visualise very clearly the strategic course set by our company over the past two years. The fact that the readers of Europe's largest motorbike magazine MOTORRAD 2023 have once again voted us BEST BRAND in the "Accessories/Conversions" category by a wide margin is a great, trusting recognition for us and encourages us to consistently continue on the path we have chosen.

We're not giving too much away when we say that the next adventure bike is not just an idea in our heads, but has already taken concrete shape and is waiting in the wings: Frank Hoffmann explains the reasons for turning to Ducati in our Ducati Special - The Italian Job.

In the "Complete your ..." series, we present the components we have in our portfolio for the Big Boxer. Friends of the GS can look forward to a Trophy Feature with the R 1250 GS and the F 850 GS Trophy.

The Expedición Trópico Pólar of our Spanish brand ambassador Miquel Silvestre

stretches over 8,000 km from the Western Sahara to the Arctic Circle, from the 23rd to the 66th parallel in the northern hemisphere. It is a universal voyage of discovery. Enjoy the Behind-the-Scene shots from our last photo shoot in Spain, as well as the winter voyage with the Pan America along the Kiel Canal. Even if the traces of the Ahr flood are still visible everywhere, the lively festivals, the excellent gastronomy, the first-class hotels and the excellent winegrowers are returning. Time for a visit to the Ahr. If you're going on a motorcycle trip, you need to pack. And because packing is systematic with our Wunderlich system luggage, we present it to you.

Last but not least: Since 2018, we have been linked by a humorous friendship with the motorcycle squad of the Hamburg police. Who is standing upside down on the motorcycle, sitting upside down or holding the Hamburg flag in the sky and why - we think this story deserves to be told. This story and Uli Böckmann's column are not to be missed.


Enjoy INSIDE Wunderlich #3, our magazine bursting with motorcycle life in all its fascinating facets! We wish you a wonderful motorcycle season and now enjoy reading!


Your #TeamWunderlich

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