The Wunderlich Riding Dynamics Training

The Wunderlich Riding Dynamics Training

Fun at the corner? This is the cream of the crop of motorcycling and is simply part of it. Anyone can go straight ahead. The corner shows whether the rider and their technique are perfectly tuned or not. Balancing poor technology with courage is not a good idea because exuberance is rarely.

If you enjoy the corners and don't want to rely solely on your courage, we cordially invite you to participate in our riding dynamics training,»Fun at the corner!«.

Experienced instructors – the brains behind the concept

The professional minds behind our training concept are Sebastian Klettke and Frank Palmen. Sebastian is head of the Wunderlich Suspension Centers and instructor at Doc Scholl rider training; Frank Palmen is a riding safety trainer with certification according to DVR and ADAC. We organize the training at the ADAC training facility Weilerswist.

What distinguishes this riding dynamics training from the other riding safety training courses?

In contrast to many riding safety training courses and riding techniques, we focus on the importance of suspension in everyday riding. We want to show the possibilities and the limits while conveying the basics for the individual suspension setting and its influence on riding safety and enjoyment clearly and practically.

Often underestimated: The Suspension

The Suspension is often underestimated in two respects:

  • The potential of the individual adjustment options are often not used to the maximum
  • The condition of the Suspension and the riding characteristics change insidiously with lack of maintenance. One should always be aware of this

We bring light into the darkness ...

Our experienced instructors will make you aware of the fundamental importance of the Suspension. The influence of the condition and adjustment of the Suspension on the riding performance is obvious to everyone. Spring rate, damping, rebound and compression damping are common terms. Their meaning, however, remains in the diffuse for many. We bring light into the darkness for you!

... and analyze your Suspension

During the training we will give you helpful advice on how to adjust your suspension components to your individual needs and - if necessary - on maintenance.


We convey the contents to the participants theoretically and practically in various riding sections using their own motorcycle. We want to encourage you to bring your bike to the training how you prefer riding it.

For this purpose, we have limited the number of participants to eight participating motorcycles but not to eight participants. If you are usually traveling as a couple, it will make sense to come as a couple. Bring your fully packed motorcycle if you plan long trips, and the bike is generally fully packed. This helps us respond to your requirements.

Riders of all motorbike brands are welcome!

If you literally want to learn more about your Suspension and its possibilities, we invite you to sign up for our Riding Dynamics Training. Wunderlich is known as a manufacturer of high-quality components for BMW motorbikes. Wunderlich Suspension is our division dedicated to motorbike suspensions across all brands. As a Wilbers support point, the Wunderlich Suspension Centre offers cross-brand suspensions, so riders of all motorbike brands are welcome to attend our training.

You can register for the fun-at-the-corner riding dynamics training on the following dates:

  • 28. May 2022 - already booked out
  • 17. June 2022 - already booked out
  • 06. August 2022 - already booked out
  • 20. August 2022 - already booked out
  • 03. September 2022 - already booked out
  • 17. September 2022


As participation places are limited, please register now:

Tel.: 02641-3082-810


according to schedule
See below for schedule and training objectives

Quantity of participants:

8 motorbikes


ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum Rhein-Erft, Osttangente 1, 53919 Weilerswist, ocated directly on the A61 highway
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Your instructors:

Frank Palmen, riding safety trainer with DVR and ADAC certification and
Sebastian Klettke, Head of the Wunderlich Suspension Centers and Instructor at Doc Scholl Fahrertraining


Participation with own motorbike


199,00 € per motorbike and rider
179,00 € per motorbike and rider for WunderlichCard
15,00 € for pillion


As places are limited, please register now:
Tel.: 02641-3082-810

Schedule and training objectives

12:45 -13:00

Arrival, registration

13:00 -13:30

Introduction of the team, training rules, division into groups

13:30 -13:55

1st session Training - Importance of a well adjusted Suspension
Practice: load change slalom steering impulse, correct sitting - training on own motorbike

14:00 -14:25

2nd session training (like 1st session, but with swapped group)

14:30 -14:55

3rd session Training - Suspension adjustment - possibilities and limits.
Practice: riding over a rope, swerving in a curve - training on your own motorbike

15:00 -15:25

4th session training (like 3rd session, but with swapped group)

15:25 -16:00

Common break with coffee and snacks
Demo ride: swerving with unloaded bike, swerving with loaded bike, each with and without individual suspension adjustment
Demo ride: ABS brake demo

16:05 -17:10

5th session training all together - curve course line choice, curve styles - training on own motorbike

17:15 -17:45

Conclusion together, exchange of ideas, opportunity to ask questions, feedback

Training goals

  • Basic knowledge of the importance of the Suspension, the individual adjustment and maintenance
  • To convey the influence of the load on the dynamic processes


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