Wunderlich 1:1 - Your individual consultation appointment

A high quality standard applies to our high-quality components. We apply the same standard when it comes to your personal consultation. We are manufacturers, so your demands on our consulting services are very high. And rightly so, because who else - except ourselves - could explain our components in detail better?

Our consulting team - riders like you

Credible advice that focuses on your needs requires reliable specialists who listen, who know what they are talking about and who can be trusted absolutely. On our employees of many years this is true in every respect. They ride motorbikes and they are very familiar with the components of our wide range of products.

With Wunderlich 1:1, we not only meet your high expectations, but also set new standards.

1:1 - what does that mean? Do you have questions about conversions or equipping your Adventure with our components? Would you like to compare products and their advantages? Do you want to convince yourself of the advantages of our rider suit? Or optimize your suspension, but don't know how? Our competent specialists will take time for your questions in a personal consultation, just for you. From rider to rider. Enjoy exclusive support and advice at Wunderlich 1:1.

How does Wunderlich 1:1 work?

First of all, please coordinate your desired shopping appointment with our team in the showroom of our company headquarters by phone at +49 (0) 2641-3082290, by e-mail at shop@wunderlich.de or via the Booking tool below.

Please note: appointments are possible on weekdays from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment by e-mail and will be informed who will be exclusively available to you as a consultant on your preferred time.

We are preparing to meet you...

So that we can adjust to your wishes, please let us know in advance,,

  • to which Adventure model and
  • for which components or products

you wish your 1:1 consultation or

  • if you are interested in a conversion or mounting appointment
  • or have another personal request.

Anything is possible: Take-away is possible. Shipping is possible. Mounting right away? That's also possible!

Once we have assembled your desired components, you can take them with you right away. If you prefer, because you might be coming to us by motorcycle, we will of course also send your package to you simply and comfortably. With the appropriate advance registration, our Wunderlich workshop center will even take care of mounting your new product for you!