The ergonomics triangle.

The ergonomics triangle is how the ergonomist describes the human-machine interfaces on the motorcycle. These interfaces are the points where the individual comes into direct physical contact with their motorcycle. This includes the seat and handlebars, specifically the handlebar grips and the footrests.

The aim of optimising ergonomics on the motorcycle is to tailor these interfaces as well as hand and foot levers to the rider so that their configuration makes for relaxed, fatigue-free riding.

At Wunderlich we’ve been involved closely with customising options to improve the individual ergonomics of BMW motorcycles for more than two decades.

The insights gained into ergonomics and product development can also be transferred to other motorcycles such as the Harley-Davidson Pan America. To optimise a motorcycle ergonomically, we recommend you look first at the following three key basic components.

Basic components of motorcycle ergonomics