INSIDE Wunderlich #4

The Wunderlich Magazine - homemade, adventurous, inspiring, and informative - full of motorcycle culture in all its fascinating facets!

The fourth edition of the INSIDE WUNDERLICH magazine is released right on time for the most important international motorcycle exhibition, EICMA 2023. It offers exciting, inspiring, captivating, entertaining, but also thought-provoking Wunderlich motorcycle stories, where people, travel, technology, and the bikes of three premium motorcycle brands take center stage: BMW, Harley-Davidson, and Ducati!

Cover Story: BMW R 1300 GS

The cover story is dedicated to the BMW R 1300 GS, perhaps the most important contemporary motorcycle worldwide, which debuted in Berlin on September 28, 2023. Join us for our first date with the new GS and learn more about the background of the GS model series' design development in a conversation between Edgar Heinrich, BMW Motorrad's Chief Designer, and Wunderlich's Marketing Manager, Herbert Schwarz. Expect a few anecdotes along the way.

From the Contents ...

Wunderlich CEO Frank Hoffmann and Herbert Schwarz explain the connection between the much-cherished "Good Feeling" that one desires for carefree and relaxed motorcycle riding and a quality Wunderlich Suspension system. Our Spanish colleague and motorcycle journalist Lluís Morales tested the Wunderlich F 900 XR in the Aragonese Pyrenees in northern Spain. In the spirit of "Unboxing the Boxer Spirit," we introduce the Fisherman's Scramble with all the extra fresh ingredients from our inventory. But beware: "If it's too strong – you're too weak!" Our author Uli Böckmann took a journey through the beautiful Sauerland and insisted on our fully equipped Ducati Multistrada V4 for the ride. The travel spirit was heavenly, if not for the underground excursion where a stalactite made a point. As part of his Expedición Trópico Polar (also in INSIDE Wunderlich #3), our Spanish brand ambassador, Miquel Silvestre, followed the tracks of Hannibal on his Pan America, traveling from Spain over the Alps to Turin. Wherever Biker Jo went, the air was thin. He took his Pan America on the Pan-American Highway and presents us with the dream roads of Chile, Bolivia, the Andes passes, La Paz, and Lake Titicaca. Breathtaking! What do the Bond classic "Tomorrow Never Dies," Batman, "The Dark Knight," and Jason Bourne's "The Bourne Legacy" have in common? Well, they are all blockbusters, but there's something more! The stunts were performed by Jean-Pierre Goy, our amazing French brand ambassador. It's high time to dedicate a comprehensive story to him in INSIDE Wunderlich. Hold on tight!

Alex Jolig is an artist and an official BMW brand ambassador. We introduce Alex Jolig in this magazine, and if you have the impression that his face looks familiar, you're probably not wrong.

The Institute for Motorcycle Safety (ifz) in Essen specializes in the safety of motorized two-wheelers. We spoke with Matthias Haasper, the institute's director.

In the technology section, we focus on the Wunderlich Edition of the intelligent DAYRON daytime running light developed in collaboration with Kellermann and the development of steel-belted tires for motorcycles 30 years ago at Metzeler, in which the great Helmut Dähne played a significant role.

All these stories - and a few more - deserve to be told.

Available in five languages. We wish you a lot of reading pleasure!

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