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17|2024 - Engine protection bar GUARD for the BMW R 12 models

The BMW R 12 closely follows the Design of the BMW R nineT: retro style that quotes the classic motorcycle and combines it with modern technological achievements. What must not be missing is the boxer - powerful, air and oil-cooled and, something that has become rare, finely ribbed. It is aimed at people who value individuality and personal style and who are happy with purist motorcycles and the motorcycle culture associated with them. Our Wunderlich components for the BMW R 12 models also make people happy. Examples? Here is one! Our Engine protection bar GUARD - which is the bodyguard not only for the boxer of the BMW R 12 nineT, the rock star among the Roadsters, as BMW emphasises, but also for the Cruiser version R 12.


16|2024 - Wunderlich pillion seat luggage rack BMW R 1300 GS

This luggage rack is a statement: it stands for a real thirst for adventure. The striking design and solid construction signalise unmistakably: this rack is a tool! Through and through. It is consistently professionally thought out and professionally made, a tool for the adventure rider. It is for all riders who enjoy the freedom of travelling solo and independently - for those who do not allow any limits to be imposed on them.


15|2024 - High Ridelity - Wunderlich Suspension

Really good motorbike suspension systems are like really good music systems. For most of us, they are full of secrets. All you really want to do is enjoy your favourite music or your ride to the maximum. The good news is that you don't have to become a hi-fi or suspension nerd, because fortunately there are experts and specialists who know their stuff.

Our Wunderlich Suspension team consists of just such experts. Not for high fidelity, but for high ridelity!

We are now expanding our long-standing partnership with Wilbers to include TracTive Suspension - a company that stands for innovative suspension components of the highest quality and therefore fits in perfectly with our suspension division and the extensive portfolio for our customers.


14|2024 - The Wunderlich engine housing protection for the BMW R 1300 GS

Even in the days of the old Airhead-Boxers, the front engine housing cover of the BMW boxer engines was considered by connoisseurs to be: The Hero's chest. Of course, the Hero's chest has become more and more imposing over the years as the displacement has increased. But the appropriate term has remained! Even if heroes never complain, they are still vulnerable! That is why we have also developed our protective cover for the engine housing of the BMW R 1300 GS. This protects the lower part of the front engine cover and stands up heroically to stone chips, spray and road dirt whirled up by the front wheel.


13|2024 - AirfieldExperience - Premium motorbike training from Wunderlich + Hakvoort

New. Exclusive. Passionate. Professional. Open to all brands. Driver training for all levels. The exclusive premium motorbike training from Wunderlich and the renowned Hakvoort Group. The exclusive two-day event will take place on 26 and 27 June 2024 at the perfectly prepared airfield in Mendig.


12|2024 - The Wunderlich TOURING-SPORT Windshield for the BMW R 1300 GS

We have positioned our TOURING-SPORT Windshield between the tightly designed offroad-oriented, sporty FLOWJET and the MARATHON Windshield, which stands for maximum Protection and Ergonomics. The product features of our TOURING-SPORT Windshield are tried and tested and also provide your BMW R 1300 GS with effective wind and weather protection as well as pleasant ventilation on the upper body - a pleasant effect that is particularly welcome in summer. Available in transparent or smoked grey.


11|2024 - Save the date! Invitation to the Wunderlich Anfahrt 2024

The popular motorcycle event in the Eifel on 25 May 2024. Look forward to the big motorcycle event in the Eifel, to the premiere of new high-calibre bikes, parts & accessories - and to good entertainment! If you're hungry from all that looking, no problem, drinks, sweets and savoury snacks are provided. We and our partners look forward to seeing you! Your #Teamwunderlich


10|2024 - The Wunderlich MARATHON Windshields for the BMW R 1300 GS

Touring windshields have a name: MARATHON. The Wunderlich classic combines relaxed Ergonomics, pronounced long-distance comfort with effective wind and weather protection. Just like the AKTIVKOMFORT seat, the MARATHON Windshield should not be missing in the Wunderlich programme for a new BMW. Wunderlich offers four MARATHON Windshields for the BMW R 1300 GS: For models with ACC, those without, tinted in smoke grey or transparent. The proven product features of the Wunderlich MARATHON Windshields, which are always developed specifically for each model, also apply to the BMW R 1300 GS for relaxed riding and more passive safety.


09|2024 - The Wunderlich cardan protection for the BMW R 1300 GS

To prevent mental drive disorders, one takes, among other things, iron. Drive disorders on the BMW R 1300 GS, on the other hand, can be prevented with aluminum. Aluminum in the form of the cardan guard, which Wunderlich has developed for the R 1300 GS. It is a proven and tested recipe from the BMW specialists, which can help significantly reduce the risk of expensive secondary damage to the rear-wheel drive. Risks and side effects are not known.


08|2024 - Wunderlich reinforcement bar for the original engine protection bar of the BMW F 900 GS Adventure

Our stainless steel reinforcement bar fits like a glove: It not only complements the Protection of the BMW F 900 GS Adventure, it effectively reinforces and perfects it. It virtually irons out the weakness on the open flank of the Adventure's standard Engine protection bar. At the same time, it provides additional rigidity in the entire tube composite, as it is designed in such a way that its curved shape also ensures the elastic reduction of any peak loads that occur.


07|2024 - Wunderlich engine guard bags for the Harley-Davidson Pan America

The Wunderlich Engine protection bar bags for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 are perfectly accessible, offer optimum, close-to-centre and balanced weight distribution and two litres of additional storage volume on each of the two Engine protection bars on the right and left. The water-repellent bags are ideal for everything you want to keep close at hand when travelling. They can be securely attached to the original Pan America engine guards in just a few simple steps..


06|2024 - Our F 900 GS Adventure Online Shop is open!

Wunderlich components for the new BMW F 900 GS Adventure - Parallel to the market launch of the BMW F 900 GS Adventure, we are presenting our extensive programme for the brand new bike. This means that nothing stands in the way of perfecting individual details or optimising the Ergonomics and Protection of the promising Adventure in time for the start of the season - also thanks to Wunderlich's high delivery availability. As usual, the components are clearly organised in the Wunderlich online shop according to the common product types and can therefore be found quickly. Wunderlich customers can therefore be sure that the components fit one hundred per cent.


05|2024 - Wunderlich Boxer Spirit for the Rockstar BMW R 12 nineT

Wunderlich components for the BMW R 12 nineT - the rock star among the Roadsters, as BMW emphasises. The BMW R 12 nineT closely follows the design of the BMW R nineT. It is characterised by its retro style, which quotes the classic motorcycle, paired with modern technological achievements. The boxer is a must: powerful, air and oil-cooled and, something that has become rare, finely ribbed. Unmistakable as a machine, the R 12 nineT is also aimed at people who value individuality and personal style, and who are happy with the purist motorcycle and the motorcycle culture associated with it. The Wunderlich components, with which the brand-new Roadster can be customised individually, always in style and with little effort to perfectly meet your own personal needs, also make you happy.


04|2024 - Wunderlich side stand enlarged support for the Ducati Multistrada V4

At Wunderlich, they don't do things by halves: That's why the Wunderlich developers have designed two side stand enlargements for the Ducati Multistrada V4. One for models equipped with a main stand and one for those without.

Both serve the same purpose: making the Ducati Multistrada V4 "unsinkable"!

They're a kind of life insurance – the side stand enlargements: Due to the small contact area of the original side stands, there's a risk of slow, often unnoticed sinking on hot asphalt surfaces or slightly softened ground. The precisely milled enlargements, which are easily screwed onto the side stand of the Ducati Multistrada V4, effectively eliminate this design flaw. And to ensure the side stand can be easily unfolded with a boot heel, Wunderlich has incorporated external serrations.


03|2024 - Enhancing the roadster style for the BMW R 1250 R

The BMW R 1250 R combines performance and sporty handling as a roadster with a comfortable riding position and a classic appearance. The Wunderlich SPORT fairing screen emphasizes this character with modern minimalism that is dynamic and powerful but never aggressive. In this way, it blends a harmonious, sporty roadster style with high functional base protection.

Especially for sporty-minded roadster riders: The design concept of the SPORT screen gives the BMW R 1250 R a distinctive, sporty appearance with just a few adjustments. At the same time, the aerodynamically designed shape of the screen ensures optimal aerodynamics, noticeably reducing turbulence in the helmet area. The screen can be locked in both the lower and upper positions, with the upper position proving to be the perfect setting for highway rides.


02|2024 - The ULTIMA - The Wunderlich R 1300 GS concept bike

From the beginning, it was clear that the ULTIMA, as a Wunderlich concept bike with its distinctive and highly recognizable design, would be more than just a presentation bike and the namesake for the new Adventure Ride-ready ULTIMATE Protection components. It serves as an inspiring Wunderlich concept for our customers because our component kit for the BMW R 1300 GS offers nearly limitless possibilities for individual customization and equipping.


01|2024 - Wunderlich SPORT tail section for the Ducati Multistrada V4

You either like them or you don't. We're talking about motorcycle tails. Because even otherwise undoubtedly pleasing motorcycle icons often fail at the tail, whose wheel cover looks like a gloomy appendage and resembles everything except one thing: a Happy Ending! For those who want to give their Ducati Multistrada V4's tail a coherent and clean touch, Wunderlich Adventure offers a convincing solution with the SPORT tail section: it makes the Ducati slimmer, more purist, sportier, and at the same time, saves weight! The conversion kit replaces the bulky, long wheel cover and license plate holder with a sporty integrated version. The hidden wiring is plug & play, and no ABE (German approval) is required. So, for the 2024 season start, the Ducati Multistrada V4's tail finally gets its Happy Ending!


39|2023 - Wunderlich ULTIMATE engine and tank guard for the BMW R 1300 GS

Adventure riders travelling the world know this: there are days when the motorbike falls over more than once because the conditions are conditions that you can't imagine in cultivated and civilised Europe with its civilised Europe with its well-developed road network. Or because the physical physical exertion, heat or cold, you can simply run out of strength or cold, you may simply run out of strength and stamina to hold the bike. Away from civilisation, it is therefore all the more important to reliable equipment that can withstand the associated material stress. associated material stress, such as our new engine and tank protection bars ULTIMATE for the BMW R 1300 GS.



The fourth issue of INSIDE WUNDERLICH magazine - just in time for the most important international motorcycle show, EICMA 2023. Wunderlich motorcycle stories that focus on people, travel, technology and the bikes of three premium motorcycle brands: Namely BMW, Harley-Davidson and Ducati!

To the INSIDE Magazine


At the EICMA2023 we presented the high-quality programme of our two divisions Wunderlich - complete your BMW and Wunderlich Adventure - Passion. Unlimited. Experience the presentation of our portfolio for the BMW R 1300 GS and be inspired by components, parts & accessories for BMW motorbikes, the Ducati DesertX and the Multistrada V4 as well as for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 and convince yourself of their quality, design and execution. 

All the trade fair highlights can be found in this media kit, clearly organised by brand and model.

To the media kit

36|2023 - Wunderlich chain guard for the Ducati DesertX

The Ducati DesertX comes with a plastic side chain guard, but we think that the overall chain guard should be more durable and robust, and should also cover the underside of the chain. This additionally reduces the danger for the chain wheel, which can be damaged when touching down on rock or scree. Dynamic Wunderlich Adventure Design. Made of four millimetre thick aluminium. You can find all information in our Media-News.


35|2023 - SPORT Windshield for Ducati Multistrada V4

The temperament genes of the brilliant V4 GT engine of the Ducati Multistrada V4 are definitely rooted in racing. Therefore, the Ducati Multistrada V4 can hardly conceal its sporty temperament, quite the opposite. The smoke-gray tinted sports windshield from Wunderlich Adventure offers perfectly refined aerodynamics and a sporty design that complements the Multi V4. But don't worry, the protection and comfort performance have not suffered.


34|2023 - SPORT Tail Bag for BMW S 1000 Models

The storage space on high-performance bikes is understandably limited from the factory. The same goes for corresponding combinations. But where do you put the things you like to carry with you on the go? Well, that's exactly what it was developed for: the fastest tail bag there is!


33|2023 - AKTIVKOMFORT Rider Seat for the Multistrada V4

For riders who desire the Wunderlich AKTIVKOMFORT rider and passenger seat in matching Rosso for their Ducati Multistrada V4, the wait is over, as Wunderlich has an enticing offer.


32|2023 - Inner Bags for BMW Aluminum & Wunderlich EXTREME Cases

They are practical, comfortable, and they protect everything that is near and dear to us in motorcycle cases from dust, dirt, heat, vibrations, and shocks that inevitably occur while riding a motorcycle. Worn over the shoulder, they can be conveniently transported from home to the motorcycle and from the motorcycle to the hotel while on the road.


31|2023 - Protective cover for the shift mechanism of the Ducati Multistrada V4

To ensure that the shift mechanism of the Ducati Multistrada V4, which consists of two levers and a coupling rod, does not suffer during dedicated off-road use - but also in everyday use - the Wunderlich developers have designed a protective cover. It protects against mechanical damage, excessive dirt and thus also against premature wear.


30|2023 - Manifold heat shield made of carbon for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250

The course of the manifold of the rear cylinder of the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 twists and bends and curves until it arrives at the collector. Just like the manifold protection and heat shield from Wunderlich, which follows the organic shape of the manifold in a curved way and fits perfectly into the side flyline of the Pan America.


29|2023 - FLOWJET Trophy windshield for the BMW F 850 GS

Wunderlich MARATHON Windshields combine effective wind and weather protection with relaxed Ergonomics. The FLOWJETs from the same company always stand for agile, sporty design and offer a high level of basic protection. The FLOWJET Trophy Edition for the BMW F 850 GS Trophy stands for easy riding, for sporty, relaxed riding in Tricolor, letting the wind blow around your nose.


28|2023 - Tank bag ELEPHANT SPORT EDITION for the Ducati DesertX

The sporty and compact shape guarantees both full freedom of movement and a clear overview of the instruments and the traffic situation. The steering angle is not impaired. Made of high-strength CORDURA® TrueLock™ fabric, the SPORT tank bag is equipped with a dimensionally stable insert. Therefore, it gives the Luggage secure hold and protection and it does not flutter even at high speeds. A comfortable carry handle is provided for easy carrying.


27|2023 - Cockpit bag for the Ducati DesertX

It always rides along. Behind the standard disc. Behind the Wunderlich MARATHON Windshield. Even behind the sporty, black FLOWJET. We are talking about the cockpit bag made of sustainable CORDURA® TrueLock™ for the DesertX, which the Wunderlich bag makers have virtually tailored around two corners so that no space is wasted. Perfectly tailored, this high-quality cockpit bag fits neatly into the niche between the TFT display and the windshield, making optimum use of the space.


26|2023 - Engine protection bar for the Lightwhite versions of the BMW R nineT

As part of Option 719, BMW Motorrad offers the R nineT Urban G/S, the Pure and the Scrambler in paint combinations with the colour component Lightwhite uni. To match the various style options, for example the pepperminty, refreshing Underground uni/Lightwhite uni, the unmistakable 80s style Lightwhite uni with tape or the mythical Pollux metallic/Lightwhite uni, Wunderlich has now presented the Protection bar in Lightwhite uni for the R nineT model series.


25|2023 - CLICK BAG. The Wunderlich tank bag with smart handling

The Wunderlich CLICK BAG tank bags offer remarkably smart handling, as they can be attached and detached in no time at all - just with a "click". Wunderlich offers the versatile CLICK BAGs in four sizes, from a compact three litres to nineteen litres suitable for touring.


24|2023 - Cylinder protection cover and valve cover for the Ducati DesertX

The Ducati Testastretta 11° engine on the DesertX is a typical Ducati V2, also known as an L-engine. Unlike the usual transverse V-engines, the front cylinder is almost horizontal, while the rear cylinder is almost vertical. This design has thermal advantages for the rear cylinder. The disadvantage is that the Desmo cylinder head of the front cylinder protrudes unprotected between the engine guard and the radiator. protrudes. Therefore, in our opinion, the protection of the cylinder head and the desmodromic valve train is of particular importance in order to reduce the risk of substantial damage to the front cylinder.


23|2023 - Engine protection bar for the Ducati Multistrada V4

Rarely has an engine guard been integrated into a motorcycle with such a fine fit as we have achieved on the Ducati Multistrada V4. A well-known Wunderlich design principle is to give top priority to effective protection. Our engine guard thus highlights the lightness and aesthetic style of the Italian design of the Multistrada V4 and protects world-class technology with solid engineering - “Made in Germany”. Available in red or black.


22|2023 - Heat shield plate for the radiator hose of the Harley-Davidson Pan America

The heat protection plate for the water cooler hose fulfils two important functions. It provides thermal shielding of the cooling water hose from the hot manifold and it reduces the risk of the cooling water heating up additionally (unnecessarily) or even overheating due to the radiant heat of the manifold. In addition, it protects the cooling water hose.


21|2023 - Radiator and oil cooler protection for the Ducati Multistrada V4

The Wunderlich radiator protector is designed to ensure optimum air flow and cooling performance. In doing so, the front silhouette of the radiator is covered in such a way that the direct impact of foreign bodies and insects on the sensitive radiator mesh is reliably reduced and avoided. It reliably protects the radiators without reducing the air flow. The protective grills complement each other perfectly: in terms of function and with regard to the high-quality Design as well as the processing of the best materials.


20|2023 - LED daytime running light and indicator system DAYRON®

When two specialists whose DNA includes innovative engineering, outstanding quality, first-class design and service combine their know-how in product development, one can confidently assume that they will produce a convincing result. Wunderlich, the No 1 worldwide for high-end BMW motorcycle accessories and Adventure Bike specialist, and Kellermann, the lighting specialists for everything to do with motorcycles, are providing proof of this with the exclusive Wunderlich Edition of the integrated DAYRON® LED daytime running light and indicator system.


19|2023 - EXTREME case carrier for the Ducati DesertX

The specially designed case carrier for the DesertX is used to hold the cases from the Wunderlich Adventure EXTREME series. The mounting of the carrier is very easy at three existing screw points on each side of the vehicle. In addition, the two carriers are connected to each other by a strut. This creates a light, yet extremely rigid and stable structure for holding the EXTREME cases.


18|2023 - Manifold heat shield for the Harley-Davidson Pan America

The heat shield is constructed in two parts. The two heat shields are mounted in a thermally decoupled manner so that contact remains without consequences. Functional, integrated design in black Adventure look, which fits perfectly into the side flyline of the Pan America. Precise fitting with the help of the enclosed mounting kit is very easy.


17|2023 - Handlebar risers ERGO for the Ducati DesertX

The specially designed, model-specific handlebar riser for the Ducati DesertX, developed by the Adventure Bike specialists, raises the handlebar moderately by 25 mm. The ergonomic effects, on the other hand, are considerable, as they have a relaxing effect on the entire back muscles and arms and at the same time relieve the spine, pelvis and coccyx. This improves touring suitability and comfort enormously. And relaxed riding also increases passive safety, just like the better overview of the traffic situation that results from the more upright riding position.


16|2023 - The Wunderlich magazine - home-made and filled to the brim with motorcycle life in all its fascinating facets!

The third issue of the INSIDE WUNDERLICH magazine is published just in time for the Anfahrt 2023. It offers exciting, inspiring, rousing, entertaining, but also thought-provoking Wunderlich motorcycle stories, which focus on people, journeys and the bikes of three premium motorcycle brands: Namely BMW, Harley-Davidson and Ducati!


15|2023 - Parts & Accessories for Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally & V4

"With the original Multi, the concept was right. The design, well. The current Multistrada V4 and the V4 Rally are convincing all along the line: the overall concept is coherent, the engine is a delicacy for people with an affinity for technology and the design underlines the Italian origin with its lightness and aesthetic style", enthuses Herbert Schwarz, Wunderlich Head pf Marketing, and continues, "since the times of the unforgotten ingenue Fabio Taglioni, people have associated the finest engine technology with outstanding frame construction with Ducati. He founded the legend of the Italian brand, whose inspiring force still works today: The Multistrada V4 and the recently released Multistrada V4 Rally are perfectly differentiated, characterful and powerful adventure bikes of the premium class! The extensive range of high-quality parts & accessories that we have developed for the riders of the Ducati Multistrada V4 and V4 Rally is at the excellent level that you would expect from Wunderlich! In doing so, we absolutely take the special character of the Multi into account."


14|2023 - Engine cover set for the BMW M & S 1000

In the mindset of the sports rider there is a significant key figure: the power-to-weight ratio. At Wunderlich, we share this mindset - especially for sports motorcycles - and take it into account when developing innovative high-level components. An example? The Wunderlich engine cover set for the S and M 1000 models from BMW Motorrad. They offer maximum protection. With minimal weight.


13|2023 - Wunderlich's first STREET engine guard

The functional edge design and the constructive integration of the one-piece engine guard STREET from Wunderlich, made of aluminium, offers the comprehensive protection for the engine housing, the oil pan, the manifold and the catalytic converter of the BMW F 900 R and XR models. The integrated ventilation openings support the cooling of the engine and the aggregates, especially when long distances have to be covered on the motorway. Angled baffle plates deflect stone chips thrown up by the front wheel in such a way that the risk of damage to the manifolds and engine is significantly reduced. Another advantage of this engine guard is that it deflects swirling spray downwards and, especially when the engine is hot, significantly reduces thermal stress on the engine casing, manifolds and seals.


11|2023 - Radiator protection for the Ducati DesertX

The tempting thing about the Ducati DesertX is that it makes it easier than any other adventure bike to get off the beaten track. This is possible even if you are not yet an off-road pro. What you should not underestimate, however, are its vulnerable assemblies, such as the water cooler behind the 21" front wheel. For those who want to gravel carefree at all times, here it is: the radiator protection from Wunderlich Adventure. This keeps the radiator intact and the water temperature in the green zone. Onroad too!


10|2023 - Back in Black: The GONZZOO

From now on Wunderlich offers its effective and popular exhaust deflector GONZZOO also in black. It differs from the light-coloured GONZZOO variant by its black, durable, heat-resistant, technical ceramic coating. Both versions are made of high-quality stainless steel and are identical except for the ceramic coating.


09|2023 - The Trophy Edition seats for the BMW F 750/850 GS

For the introduction of the BMW R 1250 GS Trophy, Wunderlich launched the matching AKTIVKOMFORT Rider and Passenger seats, which perfectly combine the outstanding features of the AKTIVKOMFORT seats with the sporty colour layout of the Trophy. Only a short time later, the Trophy AKTIVKOMFORT seats for the F models F 750 GS, F 850 GS and F 850 GS Adventure will follow. They are equipped with the seat core developed by Wunderlich in the characteristic 3D contour, which supports the ergonomically advantageous natural posture of the pelvis. The aim of the Wunderlich developers is to create a plus in passive safety when riding the motorcycle through the relaxed, comfortable seating position integrated into the motorcycle.


08|2023 - Wunderlich's brand new maXLine topcase complements the EXTREME luggage system.

XL in the truest sense of the word. The new Wunderlich EXTREME Topcase maXLine: With an incredible storage capacity of 47 litres, it holds 7 litres more than the EXTREME Topcase in the regular version. It is so large that you can stow a standard helmet in it. Wunderlich offers the topcase in natural aluminium and black powder-coated.


07|2023 - Jacking handle for the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250

How was that? The right foot on the lever of the main stand, the right hand looking for a grip on the frame and then it's a matter of: On the count of three! Oops, no handle for jacking up? Unfortunately, that's all too often missing nowadays. This is also the case with the Harley-Davidson Pan America. If you have to heave the bike onto the main stand on a sloping car park or fully loaded, you can find yourself "pumping". That's because of the weight. But more than that, it's because there's no decent handle! "But there is", the Wunderlich Adventure developers say and refer to a part with the promising name: jacking handle.


06|2023 - Wunderlich and MOTOREX announce their cooperation

Wunderlich, the world's No. 1 supplier of high-quality BMW motorcycle accessories and adventure bike specialist, and MOTOREX - Oil of Switzerland, the lubricant, care and cleaning product experts for motorcycles, have announced their cooperation in January 2023. The move by the two medium-sized companies is convincing, as they are absolute specialists in their respective fields whose DNA includes innovative engineering, outstanding quality and service.


05|2023 - Parts & Accessories for the Ducati icon DesertX

The extensive range of high-quality, professional accessory components that we have developed for the riders of the Ducati DesertX is in every respect at the excellent level that you know and expect from Wunderlich! We take the special character of the DesertX into account. Our Adventure Parts for the DesertX are expected to be available for order and delivery from 29th April 2023, i.e. for the Wunderlich Anfahrt 2023! Time to kick up a little dust in Italian!


04|2023 - Extreme slimline case set

Agilely wafting through the metropolis, easily passing the motorway traffic jam - no more fiddling on the narrow ferry! And thanks to tyre repair kits, smartphones, apps, credit cards and functional clothing, it is now possible to start even ambitious adventure trips with less luggage on the bike if you want to.


H-D Pan Am

03|2023 - F 900 XR windshield Sport

With its edge design, this windshield follows the lines of the BMW F 900 XR and sets its own accent. With its streamlined shape, Wunderlich's new SPORT windshield for the BMW F 900 XR ensures optimum aerodynamics and combines a strikingly sporty design with high basic protection! Wunderlich offers the sporty windshield in transparent or tinted in smoke grey.


02|2023 - 1250 GS Trophy seat promotion

Our prototypes are sacred to us and normally not for sale. In this case we make a rare exception! As a first prize, we are giving away the exclusive design prototypes of the AKTIVKOMFORT rider and passenger seats for the Trophy as a set. This set and its decor are unique as a design study.


01|2023 - R 18 Rock'n'Roll cockpit fairing & RockBob fenders with black lining

Wunderlich now also offers the Rock'n'Roll cockpit fairing and the RockBob fenders for the BMW R 18 in Mars red and Manhattan metallic matt - each with black lining and matching the standard colours of the BMW R 18. The BMW specialists from Grafschaft-Ringen thus offer another option for customising and individualising the big boxer!