Automatic heated grip system for 13.2 cm grips CLS Heat - black

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A different kind of heated grip control

The special feature of this system is the temperature-dependent control. With standard heated grips, you have power levels, which is always a compromise and rarely works well enough.

The CLS Heat measures the temperature independently and changes the heating power with every °C difference. Since everyone perceives heat differently, you can shift the control range and thus adapt it to your personal feeling of warmth. This way, you can adapt the system perfectly to your personal needs.

The system also has automatic preheating. This means that the grips are preheated as needed depending on the temperature in order to quickly bring them up to operating temperature.

The control heats up even before you have cold fingers, with a heating power that is barely noticeable at the beginning. This ensures that the fingers do not get clammy in the first place.

The facts


  • Automatic temperature control
  • very pleasant temperature progression, not too much and not too little
  • adjustable to the personal perception of warmth
  • automatic preheating at low temperatures
  • quick and easy connection option for other accessories

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Tested by Wunderlich
  • Made in Germany
Color: black
Product type: Lighting & Electrical equipment
Made in Germany Tested by Wunderlich

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