The Ducati DesertX is just the way we like it.  


It is the fusion of classic Enduro elements with contemporary technology. With its 21" front wheel, twin headlight and a look that is not at all pompous and undeniably seeks proximity to the 40-year-old, classic 80s Dakar bolides, it seems streets ahead of contemporary taste. The design seems like a perfectly balanced distillation of lightness - in the sense of low weight - and performance. These ingredients and the pleasant lightness of its character are what make it so desirable.  

The extensive range of high-quality accessory components that we have developed for the riders of the Ducati DesertX is in every respect at the excellent level that you know and expect from Wunderlich! In doing so, we absolutely take the character of the DesertX into account.

Time to kick up a little dust in Italian!

Passion. Unlimited. This is the slogan that expresses the entire DNA of Wunderlich Adventure. Founded in April 2022, the specialists for high-quality motorcycle accessory components initially started with a wide-ranging programme for the Harley-Davidson Pan America. And with great success!

But this was only the beginning.

The Wunderlich core competencies

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There's a connection: The ergonomics. And the joy of riding.


Riding pleasure. All senses sharpened, concentrated on the moment. In the flow. We all know this unique feeling! Riding pleasure arises when ergonomics and suspension are in harmony. When nothing hurts or irritates and when you feel completely at ease and at one with the motorcycle. When riding is intuitive and relaxed without distractions, then there is real riding pleasure, which brings with it a considerable plus in safety.


Who is "average"?

Individuality needs individual solutions!  


The ergonomic triangle describes the man-machine interfaces on a motorcycle. These are the seat, the handlebars, or more precisely the handlebar grips, and the footrests. The aim of optimising ergonomics is to adapt the above-mentioned components individually to the rider's needs so that their arrangement allows relaxed and fatigue-free riding. In order to fundamentally optimise a motorcycle ergonomically, we recommend that you first deal with the three essential basic components.

Our AKTIVKOMFORT seats- available in different seat heights

Our handlebar risers ERGO and ERGO+

Our Ducati DesertX

The bottom line is this: Varying the position of the handlebars, seat and footrests by a few millimetres already has a noticeable effect on ergonomics. A number of other products offer further potential for optimisation. These include adjustable hand and foot levers, windscreens and much more.

Wunderlich Protection

Recommended basic protection for engine, tank and fairing ...

Our proven, model-specific engine and tank guards are the first choice because they offer excellent basic protection for your bike. The combination of the guards forms an integral all-round protection concept. In addition to the guards, our engine covers, which are also model-specific, protect the neuralgic points on the engine, such as the cylinder, clutch cover, alternator and water pump!

... and useful extensions

This protection can be supplemented by other useful protective components: Fairing, protection bars and headlight protection, engine protection, water and oil cooler protection systems as well as axle protection pads and other protective covers form a well thought-out all-round concept to increase the protection for your bike.

In the event of dropping the bike, all protective elements help to reduce or prevent the risk of expensive consequential damage to the motorcycle. Even more: our high-quality protective components help to prevent damage to the engine or aggregates (e.g. the exposed water pump), so that riding can continue. An important aspect, not only for long-distance travellers stranded in the desert.

Scalable: Even in several senses! On the one hand, the majority of ELEPHANT and ELEPHANT DRYBAG bags are equipped with functional pull-outs that offer you a variable capacity. In addition, the system bags can be combined depending on your intended use: For everyday rides, the tank bag is often sufficient; for holidays, the matching pannier bags and the seat and luggage carrier bags are ideal.

Systematic: The perfect ELEPHANT or ELEPHANT DRYBAG system bag for every purpose:

  • The functional top bags for your cases
  • The universal seat and luggage rack bag
  • Model-specific bags, such as the side bags for the water-cooled GS Boxers

Integrated: All ELEPHANT and ELEPHANT DRYBAG system bags have an integrated retaining system comparable to the military Molle system for attaching our top-mounted bags. These are simply strapped on piggyback and expand your storage capacity.

Made to last.


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