Bundle of windshield reinforcements & device holder - black - left and right

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This bundle consists of the left (#90156-002) and right (#90157-002) windshield reinforcements and the matching device holder (#90158-002). The windshield reinforcements are designed for our MARATHON windshield, but they can also be used for standard and accessory windshields.

These solid windshield reinforcements made of black powder-coated stainless steel stabilise the windshield and thus reduce flow-related turbulence and vibrations, for example at high speeds. More than this, the windshield reinforcements ensure that the windshield sits especially tightly when riding over rough terrain. The windshield reinforcements significantly increase riding comfort, especially if you have a tall windshield. The device holder can be attached to the windshield reinforcements.

The device holder made of black powder-coated aluminium serves as a base that can hold, for example, our navigation holder (#21176-302) or common navigation systems from TomTom or Garmin. Our MULTICLAMP adapter (#21176-102), the SP-Connect Smartphone System Mirror Bundle (#45151-0) and other smartphone and navigation mounting systems can also be placed above the TFT instrument cluster in a way that is favourable in terms of visibility and user ergonomics. We have constructed the base holder with a cylindrical recess (length 210 mm, Ø 12 mm) so that it is compatible with practically all current attachment systems.

At the same time, no matter whether you want to use the device holder for your navigation device or smartphone, it ergonomically positions the device in the natural line of sight, making your ride more relaxed and above all, safer. This ensures the rider always has their eyes on the road and an eye on the navigation at the same time. This arrangement has been tried and tested and provides noticeably greater comfort while riding, navigating and operating, meaning it avoids premature tiredness and increases safety in road traffic.


Function of the windshield reinforcements

  • Solid windshield reinforcement for the left and right side
  • Stabilisation of the windshield, especially for tall windshields (because of the higher wind pressure) as well as higher stress on the windshield holder when riding over terrain
  • Reduces turbulences and vibrations caused by airflow
  • The bracket prevents unpleasant fluttering and the resulting vibrational cracks in the windshield as well as vibration/rattling noises and the shearing of the original linkage
  • No restriction when adjusting the height of the windshield
  • The locking screw is secured against loss
  • Easy fitting
  • Includes attachment material
  • Prepared to receive the device holder

Technical information about the windshield reinforcements

  • Material: Stainless steel, precision crafted, 3 mm, black powder coated
  • Installation position: left and right

Function of the device holder

  • Compatible with almost all current attachment systems
  • Ergonomic positioning of the smartphone/navigation device
  • Visually ergonomic positioning in the line of sight
  • Ergonomically optimal positioning for operation
  • Ensures relaxed and safe riding
  • Increases safety because your gaze stays on the road while navigating
  • Avoids tiredness

Technical information about the device holder

  • Material: aluminium, high-quality and precision crafted, black powder coating
  • Attachment dimensions for the device recess: Length 210 mm, Ø 12 mm

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Wunderlich premium product. Small series. Hand crafted
  • Wunderlich. Functional and integrated design
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  • Made in Europe
  • 5 year warranty
Color: black
Product type: Screens & Wind protection
Variant: left and right
5 Years Warranty 60 Days Return Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany Stainless

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