Chain lube system and heated grip combination system CLS EVO Plus

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Everything CLS has to offer is housed in one control electronics unit in the EVO Plus. Up to three functions in one control electronics. CLS EVO chain lube system, CLS Heat heated grip system and CLS Connect connection adapter.

CLS EVO chain lube system

  • clean because very economical
  • Invisible installation
  • high range, 50 ml for approx. 10,000 km
  • absolute increase in comfort, no lubrication, no manual cleaning necessary

CLS Heat heated grip system

  • for 13.2 cm wide grips
  • automatic temperature control, no power levels
  • with each °C there is a minimally different heat output
  • very pleasant temperature progression, not too much and not too little
  • adjustable to the personal perception of warmth
  • automatic preheating at low temperatures

CLS Connect connection module

  • easy connection of electronic accessories to the vehicle
  • especially for CAN bus technology
  • installed in 5-10 minutes
  • safe switching on and off of navigation systems, radios, communication systems, headlights and much more
  • filters out a lot of interference when using radio and communication systems

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Tested by Wunderlich
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty
Product type: Maintenance & Wear and tear
Made in Germany Tested by Wunderlich

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