Wunderlich rider seat AKTIVKOMFORT DesertX (Rally) - standard - black-red

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To introduce the Ducati DesertX, we have designed the matching AKTIVKOMFORT rider and passenger seats in X-design for you: Wunderlich seats that perfectly combine the unique characteristics of our AKTIVKOMFORT seats and the colour layout of the DesertX.

We manufacture our rider seats with a characteristic, ergonomic 3D contour that lets the rider become one with their motorcycle. The shape and angle of the carefully crafted seat core support the ergonomically beneficial, natural posture of the back. Integrated in the motorcycle, riding is a relaxing affair and thus also active. And there's no doubt that relaxed sitting adds a serious plus to passive safety. This AKTIVKOMFORT seat has the latest ThermoPro technology where the temperature of the seat in direct sun at the peak of summer is up to 25°C lower compared to standard untreated cover materials. We also have a passenger seat in the range to go with this.

The same applies to all AKTIVKOMFORT seats:

The "buckling" of the cushioning is reliably prevented via the sophisticated construction and the sitting pressure is equally distributed over a large area, resulting in noticeably lower specific pressure load to your behind. Comfy! The ergonomic shape of the special foam also relieves the pressure-sensitive coccyx. They offer perfect hold and active, reliable control during accelerated riding, also and especially when braking: who hasn't experienced it, when your passenger suddenly slides forward on braking and you immediately have to brace while simultaneously having to steer in what could be a hairy situation? With Wunderlich's very own support contour, these scary moments while braking are now a thing of the past. The innovative, ergonomic 3D contour also ensures that pressure points on the inner thighs while standing at the lights are now a distant memory

The facts


  • AKTIVKOMFORT seat in X-design with red sides of the seat
  • A relaxed and active riding experience adds a definite plus to passive safety
  • Ergonomic 3D contour to support the natural posture of the back and comfortable leg position while riding and standing
  • The special structure of the core provides comfort, because the seat doesn’t buckle
  • The sitting pressure is equally distributed over a larger area, resulting in noticeably optimised weight distribution and lower specific pressure load
  • The ergonomic shape of the special foam relieves the coccyx
  • More comfort thanks toThermoPro: With our ThermoPro rider and passenger seats, the temperature of the seat in direct sun at the peak of summer is up to 25°C lower compared to standard, untreated cover materials.
  • Cover with optimal grip
  • Refined, dropped “Cut” seams
  • Embroidered Wunderlich brand logo on the right side of the seat
  • Made in Germany

Technical information

  • Material/fabric of the cover material
    • With ThermoPro technology
    • Optimal grip for optimal hold
    • Sweat-reducing cover material, combined with pin-tucks in Alcantara, dropped “Cut” seams
    • Taped and welded seams for 100% tightness achieved on modern air welding machines
  • Material of seat shell
    • High-strength shell of our own construction
  • Wunderlich seat core
    • Proven ergonomic Wunderlich 3D contour specifically for the rider
  • Seat height
    • Standard seat height
  • Colour/design
    • Black, red - X-design

Your Wunderlich benefits

  • Wunderlich premium product. Small series. Hand crafted.
  • Wunderlich design. Integrated and functional.
  • Wunderlich. Riding 365.
  • 60 days right of return ? Test it out with zero risk!
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty
Variant: standard
Product type: Seats & Accessories
Color: black-red
5 Jahre Garantie 60 Days Return ERGO Made by Wunderlich Made in Germany Probefahren in Ringen ThermoPro
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